Best Care Medical Plan

Save on Primary Physicians, Specialists and Hospitals

How to Use the Benefits

The Beech Street PPO Network Consumer Card Program is a medical discount program with more than 400,000 providers in more than 25 participating states*. As a member, you will be able to visit any participating provider as many times as you wish, to receive immediate care with notable discounts.

With Beech Street PPO Network, you will only pay the discount prices that the program offers you with the participating provider at the time of the service. You will also have:

  • -   Limitless savings all year round
    -   No limits in the amount of visits or services you require.
    -   No paperwork to fill out
    -   Immediate savings

 To get a list of participating states, Click Here

 Savings in Medical Services (Sample)


National Average Cost*

You pay (member)

% of Savings*

Colonoscopy with Biopsy (45380)




Lumbar MRI (72148)




Knee Arthroscopy/Surgery (29881)




Polisomnography/ Studies of Sleep (95810)




Cardiac Effort Test (93015)




* Savings based on the Top 100 CPT with Reimbursement Florida Price List, in participating providers (prices may vary per region) compared to the Average Savings by Sates 2007 Report (savings average 28.5%). Actual savings may vary.

How to Use your Program

  1. Select a participating provider*

    1.- Identify yourself as a member of “Beech Street PPO Network” in order to set an appointment; or let a customer service representative help you to set up an appointment.

    2.- Hand in your membership… and Save!

* To find a participating provider, Click Here, or call the Customer Service Department for an updated list or to set up an appointment> 877-527-6161