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Save up to 65%* on dental care.

How to Use the Benefits
Access Dental is a dental discount program with more than 20.000 national participating dentists. Being an Affiliate, you can visit any participating dentist whenever necessary and save up to 65%* in dental care. The dental program includes absolutely everything, from routine check ups, fillings, crowns, braces and even cosmetic work. Plus, with Access Dental, you will be able to enjoy:

  • Unlimited savings throughout the year. 
  • No limits in the number of visits or services you need.
  • No paperwork to fill out or submit.
  • Immediate savings.  

Dental Services Savings (sample)


National Average Cost*

Amount to pay (Affiliate)

Saving %

Detailed Oral Evaluation




X-Rays (Bitewing) – 4 visits




Crown- Porcelain




Full denture - Jawbone




Surface amalgam (filling)




Prophylaxis (Clean up)- Adult





20% de Descuentos


Ejemplo de Costo*

Ejemplo a Pagar**

% de Ahorro*

Adolescent orthodontics




* Savings are based on the Access Series 200 Price List for participating general dentists (prices may vary per region) compared with the National Average Advisable for Dental Services (Saving average of 34%). Actual savings may vary.

** Participating Specialist Dentists offer a 20% discount on the sale price (15% for MN Specialist Dentists) sample cost is not based in actual costs of a current specialist and it only serves as illustration. The amount to pay is based on the 20% discount applied to the cost sample and it may vary.  


The following services or treatments are excluded from the dental program: dental care services in progress or offered before the effective date of affiliation, experimental procedures, sedation IV, services outside the known range of a participating dentist. The suppliers are not obliged to charge a specific price for these excluded services.  

How to Use your Program 

  1. Select a Participating Dentist*
  2. Identify yourself as an Affiliate of  “Access” in order to set up an appointment, or let a Customer Service Representative help you set up an appointment.               
  3. Present the Affiliate ID and save!

* Click Here to locate a participating pharmacy, or call the Customer Service Department for an updated list or to make an appointment: 877-527-6161 

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